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    He could see these simple souls thought he took his windfall very coolly. Well! . . . in a way he did. Just for the moment he had been carried off his feet — as indeed who could fail to be, when by a single lucky chance, one spin of fate’s wheel, all that had become his which half a lifetime’s toil had failed to give him? Yet ingrained in him was so lively a relish, so poignant a need for money and the ease of mind money would bring, that the stilling of the want had something almost natural about it — resembled the payment of an overdue debt. Yes, affluence would fit him like a second skin. The beggardom of early days, the push and scramble for an income of later life — these had been the travesty.
    “Indeed and I do. Though, on the other hand . . . stepmother to two families . . . I shouldn’t care, love, to take on the job. But there’s another thing, Mary. Your brother is decidedly queer just now — I mean in his manner . . . and appearance. He looks a tired man. My own opinion is, he’s seen the best of his health. Of course, he’s lived a strenuous life — like all the rest of us — and isn’t as young as he was. But that’s not enough . . . doesn’t account for everything. And makes what has happened very disturbing. If only I’d let well alone that evening . . . he’d probably never have set eyes on the woman. It is certainly a lesson to mind one’s own business — even when it’s a question of doing a kindness . . . or what one thinks a kindness.”——


    1.But before she reached the house, a fearful suspicion crossed her mind.
    2.Mary tightened her lips and did not reply.
    3.Thought Mary: was there any end to the good things with which this day was full?
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